The 3000 square foot studio has an additional 2000 Square foot kiln area with wood, salt/soda, reduction, and electric kilns. The studio has three private studios, a public workspace, a woodfired pizza oven and will include wash facilities, kitchen, dinning area, resident quarters, guest quarters, photo room, gallery, and large workspace. The studio will also have several resident positions at the core of this community. The ability to have a large enough space to host a variety of events is necessary for the growth of the studio and supporting program.


The on site gallery is a place for residents, guest artists and those involved with Cobb Mountain Arts & Ecology Project to have shows and maintain an inventory of work. The gallery also has an online presence increasing visibility and opportunities for participating artists. The space will also support events related to visiting artists and open studio shows, as well as a professional space to present work to clients and collectors.

Please visit our online gallery. 



We currently have:

  • 60 Cu Ft Train wood fire kiln
  • 25 Cu Ft cross/down draft wood/gas soda kiln
  • 25 Cu Ft Bailey gas kiln
  • 12 Cu Ft Bailey gas kiln
  • Cress electric kiln
  • Anagama to be built in 2016.