Mission Statement

The Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Project is a dynamic facility designed to encourage experimentation in the ceramic arts while developing and maintaining a sustainable stewardship of the ecosystem and building knowledge for the community.


The studio hosts a variety of activities and events. We have begun having our annual Winter and Spring Sales in October and April respectively. We encourage our residents to invite friends, guest artists and colleagues to join in firings, as the venue is able to accommodate longer, more comfortable stays. We look forward to woodfired events and artists joining firings from abroad. Community events will include Native Plant Society meetings, shows in the gallery, open studio events, guest artist workshops, lectures by residents and guest speakers, sustainable living workshops, food-oriented events, and more. For the most up to date information please visit our blog and/or events page. 

Artist in Residence

Any artist is welcome to apply. These positions are designed to serve advanced undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Post Bac or recent graduates looking for a place to work and improve their portfolio. As a resident, one will be given the space and means to create one's artwork with as few limitations as possible. Residents may teach community courses being offered to both adults and children, give a lecture open to the public, help maintain the studio, and work on the land, learning forest management skills. One of the byproducts of this work will be fuel for the wood kilns, a renewable solar resource.


The onsite gallery is a place for residents and guest artists to have shows and maintain an inventory of work. The gallery will have an online presence, increasing visibility and opportunities for participating artists. The space will also support events related to visiting artists and open studio shows, and will be a professional space to present work to clients and collectors. Scott has also begun curating Spun Smoke Gallery, owned by Patricia Sweetow in Oakland, CA. The gallery will focus on woodfired ceramics, primarily utilitarian. This space will also be available for exhibitions highlighting the work being done at the residency.