The rural Lake County property was purchased in 2000 with the intention of building a home, studio, and developing stewardship of the forest. Lake County, and specifically the Cobb Mountain area, is sparsely populated and has much enthusiasm for the arts.  A venue for the arts will bring together artists from around the nation, state and county. The 80 acre property has been managed for fire safety and ecological health, the goal being to re-establish a fire cycle and promote botanical diversity. At an elevation of 3000 feet with an average rainfall near 70 inches annually, we are able to promote growth of a wide range of plants and trees. About 75 species of conifer have been planted in addition to the five native species. Altogether 90% of California’s conifer species are represented in our ecosystem. Through responsible stewardship we monitor botanical growth to nurture ecological education in our community. In 2001, after the property was purchased from loggers, the first seedlings and native plants were started. Through experimentation we continue to explore how and where plants thrive in the various soils and exposures on the land. One of the goals for the project is to disperse this knowledge and information through community involvement. The engagement with the ecosystem will serve to strengthen the connection for those involved and lead to art informed and inspired by this stewardship.