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The Cobb Mountain Art and Ecology Project is situated on a secluded 80 acre property about 40 minutes North of the Napa Valley in Northern California. Cobb is a small community in a forrested area of rural Lake County. Resident artists will share a three bedroom home in the small town of Loch Lomond less than a half mile from the studio. Long term residents will have a private studio within the main studio, access to exhibition space in the on site gallery, and shared gardening opportunities.

Cost: Monthly rent in the resident house is $450 plus Utilities up to $50. In exchange for a private studio, 10 hours of work per week is required. In some cases work trade for rent may be possible, inquire for availability.

Whats Included: The resident house is fully furnished and recently remodeled with a well equipped kitchen. The private studios are 150 square feet and will have a wedging table, shelving, and a wheel if desired. Within the main studio there is additional work space, electric kiln, train kiln, and 330 square foot gallery. The property has multiple gardens and an orchard, residents will be encouraged to participate in maintaining the gardens in exchange for organic produce.


How to apply: Send a portfolio not more than 20 images, a letter of intent, and contact info of two professional references and one personal reference to: . For additional questions email me, or call 707-927-8327


Application Dates:

Applications are due by

March 30th and September 30th

Mission: This project is being created and will continue to evolve as a place where sustainable living can be explored and practiced, along with creating artwork in a beautiful natural environment.